National Anthems

Michael Powers Anthem Record:

21 wins, 8 losses, 1 tie

12/2/01 Sonics VS George Karl’s Milwaukee Bucks, Sonics WIN 97 to 83!!!

9/9/01 M’s VS Baltimore Orioles (Cal Ripken Jr.’s last Seattle game)  M’s WIN 6  to ZERO!

7/17/01 Mariners VS Arizona Diamondbacks, M’s WIN 6 to 1

3/9/01 Sonics VS Toronto Raptors (w/Vince Carter!), Sonics LOSE 110 to 99

2/22/01 CWU Women’s Basketbal VS WWU, Wildcats LOSE 78 to 72

11/30/00 Sonics VS World Champion LA Lakers, Sonic’s WIN 121 to 88

10/15/00 M’s VS World ChampionYankees, M’s WIN game 5 of the American League Championship Playoff Series 6 to 2!

8/29/00 M’s VS World ChampionYankees. M’s WIN 5 to 3

6/22/00 Seattle Sounders VS Vancouver 86er’s Sounders WIN 2 to 1

5/20/00 M’s VS Tampa Bay Devil Rays. M’s lose 4 to 3

2/27/2000 Thunderbirds (Hockey) VS Spokane Seattle loses 6 to 5 in overtime

11/28/99 Sonics VS Pacers Sonics WIN 102 to 91

8/5/99 M’s VS Yankees. Seattle loses 5 to 4

4/7/99 Thunderbirds (Hockey) VS Prince George Seattle WINS 6 to 0

2/28/99 Thunderbirds (Hockey) VS Spokane Seattle ties 2 to 2

7/31/98 Mariners VS Yankees Seattle loses 5 to 3

1/24/98 Sonics VS Lakers Sonics WIN 101 to 95

*9/28/97 Anthem for Sea Dogs VS Sacramento Knights. Sea Dogs WIN 5 to 3

8/10/97 Anthem for Seafair Hydro races Miss Budweiser WINS

7/18/97 Mariners VS Kansas City Royals. Mariners WIN 5 to 4

5/9/97 Sonics VS Houston Sonics lose 97 to 93

4/8/97 Mariners VS Indians M’s WIN 14 to 8

1/9/97 SPU Falcons VS Anchorage Seawolves Falcon’s WIN 75 to 61

7/14/96 Mariners VS Angels M’s WIN 8 to 0

5/6/96 Sonics VS Houston Rockets Sonics WIN game 2 of the Western Conference Finals 105 to 101

12/8/96 Seahawks VS Buffalo Bills Seahawks WIN 26 to 18

12/3/95 Seahawks VS Philadelphia Eagles Seahawks WIN 26 to 14

*11/28/95 Sonics VS Pacers Seattle loses (score?)

4/20/95, Sonics VS Houston Rockets Sonics WIN 111-101 (Tacoma Dome game)

12/8/94, Sonics VS Houston Rockets Sonics WIN 103-90 (Tacoma Dome game)


Friends and Fans Anthem Feedback

Dear Mr. Powers, First off, I love your music! Secondly, I found out who the Seattle Seadogs where playing and what the score was when you performed the national anthem on September 28, 1997. The Seadogs played the Sacramento Knights, and WON 5-3. Just thought you might want to know. Hope you enjoy knowing that another team won after you sang the national anthem! Your record now stands at 22-8-1! Sincerely, Joseph age 14
P.S.: You need to perform the national anthem at the Mariners game soon. It’s the only way Jeff Weaver will actually get a win!

Joseph V.


Dear Michael,

We will never, ever underestimate the power of music, and the spirit that flows through you to make that music.
Awesome, just like those Mariners. We know it was your sendoff that started them out right!
Thanks for the e-mails, too. Your fans, and Mariner fans too…..M and SR


A lot of folks of called or come up to me to say they saw you and you were
GREAT! Did hit with a new guitar or use a different one? Way to Go Bro!
New guitar? I thought so………hmm? Well, the word was it looked HELLA COOl!
World Series, in Seattle? If so you’ll be playing! And the Sonics are right
around the corner too………..Take No Prisoners




My faith is in you babe!!! You play to winners and that is why we hired you
for November 3rd!!!!

Regards, Faye

woo hoo! You go, Michael!Right on, Mariners!
(not that I’m into baseball at all!)

B. Anaka

I had very low odds of M win tonight. You are and should be a Mascot for them!


You did it! Thanks!

Alma Lorraine Bone Constable

Hey Michael! Thank you for playing the national anthem today. I just know your talents and track record spurred the Mariners onto victory! Andthanks again for also playing the national anthem before the game I attended back in late August–the only game the Mariners won over the Yankees that whole week! I hope to hear you play again during the World Series this month!

Sincerely, Al Kiefer

You go Michael ! Who better to play The Nations National Anthem but You?

You go my friend ! With much love.


Dear Michael,

On Sunday I had to go to an all day training session in order to get a part
time job at InSpa (I’m a massage therapist). It was the 6th of 6 required
Sundays and I’m glad I’ll now have my Sundays back! But anyway, I came out
of the class at 5 pm and quickly turned on 710 am to find out what happened.
Wahoo! I was SO happy to hear that the Mariners won, and 6 to 2! (Actually,
I got to hear the 9th inning.) Then this morning I grabbed my newspaper from
the sidewalk and started reading about the game. One article mentioned the
blues guitar rendition of the national anthem. I wish they would have
included your name!

Thanks for believing and putting your heart into playing the national anthem
for the Mariners. I too hope you get the call for a World Series game!

Sincerely, Wendy Topping

Yeah, man, you and New York Vinny! (Well, I’m not sure about Vinny.)

I just wish we had Lew Burdette and Warren Spahn pitching for us. 😉


Hey Michael,

You did a great job yesterday. When I saw you on the field I went crazy, I
knew we were going to have good luck, I even turned around and told the
couple that sits behind us that you were the best and now we were definitely
going to win. I will be sending that e-mail if the World Series is our

Your the Best,

Sue Worthy

PS Saw you at Crossroads and the whole family enjoyed the show.


I knew you would bring them luck. My Son and I were watching the game
yesterday and he was saying it will be really bad if they lose this game.
I told him that they have to win because Michael is playing the National
Anthem. He said something like “Yeah, right Mom”. Like you, I believed
they could do it. Luckily, we were proven right – I just wish I could have
been there. That must have been an awesome game to see! 


You are indeed incredible! They would be fools not to take you to New York.

Clearly, they need you. There can be no doubt. Hurry up and get some
reservations-but, don’t tell the Yankees!

Richard Bradley

Great minds work alike, I had this thought earlier today. It’s you, not New York Vinnie that they need back there. Go Michael!

Darlene Flynn

thought yesterday — whoa, Michael did it again!!

I was at the Clemens game Saturday, wishing you had played it that night.
Think it will be tough for them but there is hope they can beat em twice in
New York – we’ll see. 

take care, ROSE KELLY

We saw your name as the person who was going to open the last game at the

baseball field. Unfortunately, the “National” news broadcast does not
include the playing/singing of the National Anthem. Sorry, those people
don’t know that they have deprived the rest of the World from listening to
one of our best guitar players.
We have been enjoying your music for about 8 years, most specifically at the
Crossroads venue. We have not made it to “Third Place Books” when you were
there, yet!!!
I will be sending an email to “EMP” to ask when you are going to be playing
at the Sound Church, so we can come to see/hear and enjoy. I have all of
your CD’s and have sent some to my step-son, who introduced me to Robert
Cray, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, so I knew he would enjoy your
music. I am now start a collection for my newest step-son, so there will be
even more young people who will listen to your great music.

Keep up the terrific work.

Your fans,

Patricia Riley Murphy and Jim Ketelsen

Hi Michael

Just a short notice form some of your fans in good old Denmark.
We do read all your notices, and keep wishing the best for you!
For us it is: Go M, Go M, Go M – for Go Michael!

Sincerely Yours

Erik Reime

Anyway we can fly you to New York??

I was really pissed that they didn’t have you playing on NBC –
HOWEVER you will be glad to know that Channel 5 did mention that you would be
the singing the national anthem…….AND your name did appear along with who
would be throwing out the first pitches etc……
Maybe you could play the national anthem at home just before the game starts
for good luck?

Way to Go!


Nice work!

Gas (Mike Gastineau, the “Gas Man”)


You know that the Mariners should be playing the World Series. What
happened, who knows. If we can beat El Pukè…then I Think we have a chance.
If not, I hope the Mets beat the crap out of em.

Larry Hurd

Nice job! Kim, Emma, & I were there. We were feeding Emma out on the

concourse when you starting playing the anthem. As soon as I heard a few
notes I said to Kim that’s Michael! You sounded great – as always.

Hope all is well.

Go Ms

Brian Sherell

Hey Michael;

I was at the game Sunday and you were great!!!!!! as usual.
Now get on a plane and take your ass back to New York and
play the anthem in the M’s locker room so that we can get to
the World Series!! Good job.

Bobby Nesbitt

Of course, NBC carried not one note of the National Anthem…

no surpise. How can we get you to play the NA in NY for the
next two games, seems to be something there? Anyway, very
pleased for you and the M;s, only wish I could have heard you.
As you say, let’s go get two more. 

Take care, Glen Ehrhardt

You go, Michael!!! Regardless of who is playing today, YOU need to play

before the game. Send that mojo to our guys!